Computers and Lightning do not mix! March 04 2014

You may have noticed we haven't been in touch in a while... we had the most magnificent lightning storm here at Dingo Pocket which took out the phone, both printers and put gremlins into our computer!! 

Being the troopers that we are we carried on (Penny kindly accessed the orders offsite) and we managed to get all of the orders out without too many dramas. Hopefully that will be the last big strike for this season!!!!

To test if people are sober enough to drive home after your next party ask them to say this really quickly - if they can't call a taxi...!

Pampered, powerful politicians pledge policy to purchase our perfect, preservative free, procured, pretty peaches passionately picked and prepared. Perpetually packed by perky Penny, your precious parcel posted to put in pantry PRONTO!