Feedback on Shipping Rates June 20 2013

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site in the opening week, we are thrilled at the feedback and the interest generated. Please remember join our newsletter or stay in touch via Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with all of our offers.

The Facebook exclusive offer on our Dried Caramelised Mango has gone down really well and we're looking forward to bringing more of these offers over the next few months.


A huge thank you to those wonderful people who have sent some feedback to us via email or the contact form regarding the site - we knew something would have slipped through the cracks, despite our best efforts. In this instance, the overwhelming message from you lovely people is that we haven't made our shipping rates clear - we've now added this to our FAQ.


What are your shipping rates?

To send via Australian Post, our charges are:

$8 - up to 0.49kg

$12 - up to 2.9kg 

$15 - up to 4.9kg

$20 - up to 7.9kg

$30 - up to 9.9kg any retail order over this weight will pay no more than $30 shipping.


We hope this makes it clear for everyone :)