A Delicious way to enjoy all the benefits
of healthy fresh fruit anywhere, any time



THE BIG BANANA BAG - the healthiest treat around at a bargain price - a tasty alternative to chocolate or chips, without additives or preservatives and 100% sulphur-free. Why sulphur-free? 

4 x 200g packs of Whole Dried Banana

Pure Natural Fruit

Absolutely nothing added! At Tropical Harvest, nestled in the rainforests of North Queensland, we have access to an abundance of fresh naturally ripened fruits which we would love to share with you and your children. We believe that all food should come from nature and not some laboratory, especially when it is for growing young bodies and minds! With absolutely no sulphur these products are perfect for people suffering from allergies and other conditions. 

This is why our fruit is 100% pure, no additives, colourings, preservatives and is sulphur free. 

Our drying process allows us to retain almost all vitamins, minerals, colour and flavour of the natural fruit we put into every packet - while also tasting delicious! 

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