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Bring the Natural Goodness of Tropical Harvest to Your Business

At Tropical Harvest QLD, we're passionate about sharing the pure, nature's own flavours our 100% natural, sulphur-free, and additive-free dried fruits with businesses across Australia.   We welcome inquires from Australian Businesses who share our commitment to quality, health, and the environment.  

Why Partner with Us?

  • Authentic Quality:  Our fruits are dehydrated naturally to ensure the highest quality, taste and nutritional value
  • Eco-Friendly:   We are dedicated to sustainable practices, ensuring our products are as good for the planet as they are for your customers.
  • Diverse Range:  From exotic mangoes to sweet bananas, our diverse range offers something unique for every palate.  
  • Australian Made, Grown and Dried:  Our fruits are a celebration of Australian agriculture, from tree to pack.  
  • Chemical-Free Goodness:   Our range is completely free from chemicals, sulphurs and artificial  preservatives.    
  • Preservative-Free Purity:  We embrace the natural preservation of fruit, without any artificial preservatives.  
  • Naturally Sweetened by Nature:   Our fruits retain their natural sweetness with no added sugars.
  • Combatting Food Waste:  we're dedicated to reducing food waste, making every fruit count. 

Wholesale Partnership Benefits

  • Exclusive Wholesale Rates: Competitive pricing tailored for our wholesale partners.  
  • Customisable Bulk Orders:  We accommodate your business needs with flexible bulk packaging options. 

Wholesale Partnership Criteria

  • Australian Business Focus:  Exclusively for Australian registered businesses with a valid ABN.
  • Minimum Order Requirement:  A 7 Kg minimum order to ensure optimal freshness and efficiency.
  • Packaging Details:  Products are provided in bulk packaging, perfect for commercial use.  

Begin Your Wholesale Journey

Please provide us with some details about your business and how you envision incorporating Tropical Harvest QLD's products into your offerings.  Our team will review your application and get back to you with the information your need to make our fruits a part of your business.

Complete Wholesale Inquiry Form Here

For any specific queries or more detailed information, please free to email Janelle directly at sales@tropicalharvestqld.com.au

Please ensure that the name of your organisation is clearly stated, usually on the email address or email signature, to help us process your request efficiently.