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Its not just fruit...

We are convinced that it goes beyond merely selling a product. The quality of our dried fruits is the result to our commitment to Australian farmers.

We're passionate about sourcing the finest ingredients while supporting local growers who pour their heart and soul into their craft. Choosing us means choosing a high-quality standard and showing your support for the hardworking Australian farmers who make it all possible.

Want to know more?

Who we are...

Tropical Harvest  is the business name of James and Janelle O’Shea’s fruit-drying operation in rural North Queensland. Not only do we dry the fruit we also grow it. We are farmers ourselves and produce Mangoes and Limes on our farm located in Dimbulah, the area is renowned for its high quality produce especially its mangoes.

Why do we sell dried fruit...

We process 100% Australian raw fruit into delicious, sulphur-free and additive-free bite size pieces to be enjoyed as a snack or used in a variety of cooking and baking methods.

As the processor of the fruit, we are in a position to offer these delicious dried fruits directly to the customer.

As farmers ourselves we have seen first hand the waste when there is market oversupply or out of spec fruit that doesn't meet supermarket requirements.

By drying the fruit we help reduce the waste on local farms and bring seasonal fruits to our customers all year round.

Where in the world are we...

We are located just outside of Dimbulah, in the renowned fruit growing district of the Atherton Tablelands. Our rural location allows us to source the majority of our fruit from local growers, reducing the environmental impact of transport and all of the excess water!

How long have we been doing this fruit drying...

We have purchased this business in 2023 from Linda and Kelvin Abell who have passed on their extensive knowledge and unique drying methods that they have developed over the past 20 plus years as the previous owners of Tropical Harvest, with this knowledge we will continue to produce dried fruit  without additives, preservatives or sulphur.in the exact same way they have done for over  two decades so everyone can continue to enjoy a the quality they now expect from Tropical Harvest

When did we start selling online....

Our online business has traditionally been a side project to our primary wholesale and face-to-face businesses; however, with more and more customers contacting us directly, we decided to try and offer a direct selling platform and thus our website was born!