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Dried Pineapple - common questions

5 Commonly asked question about dried pineapple:

Is dried pineapple good for you?
Dried pineapple is a good source of dietary fiber, which can help to regulate digestion, promote feelings of fullness, and reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Dried pineapple is a low-fat, low-cholesterol snack that is suitable for most dietary needs.
Does dried pineapple have a lot of sugar?
Many commercial manufacturers of dried pineapple coat it with granulated sugar. Because you will eat several pieces at a time, snacking on dried pineapple is similar to eating candy. However, we do not add any sugar to our pineapple, its 100% natural. It just tastes sweeter due to the fact that the natural sugar is still there but there is less water.
Does dried pineapple go bad?
Your unopened package of dried pineapple should last about 6-12 months if it's stored in a cool, dry place. If the dried pineapple has been opened, it's usually best to consume it within 1-2 weeks, although it may still be safe to eat for up to a month if properly stored.
What do you eat with dried pineapple?
Dried pineapple can be added to a pork or beef stew to elevate the flavor of the dish. It can also be used to add a hint of sweetness and tropical flair to rice. A chicken salad reaches new heights when dehydrated fruit such as dried pineapple chunks are added to the recipe. Keep an eye out for more ways to use dried fruit.
How do you re-hydrate dried pineapple?
Put your dried pineapple in a small bowl and cover with boiling water. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and then strain the pineapple and discard the water. The fruit will be plumper, juicier, and softer. To give your pineapple extra flavor, swap the water for fruit juice or a liquor, like rum - Malibu - my personal favourite - delicious! 
Processed and dried in Far North Queensland from  Australian local pineapples, our unique drying method preserves the rich flavours and essential nutrients. All of our dried fruit is additive and preservative free, sulphur-free and No added sugar. 100% all natural - always. 
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