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Australian Dried Banana 100% Natural

Banana is one of our best sellers. 

Its not hard to see why. Not only are dried bananas soft, chewy, sweet, and loaded with concentrated banana flavor, but if properly stored, can be shelf-stable for upwards of a year! There are so many great ways to use dried bananas. Use them as a topping for cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal. Add them to your favorite trail mix or, simply just eat the dried banana straight out of the packet.

When you purchase dried fruit from us not only are you supporting our small business, you are also supporting our local farmers. Tropical Harvest is based in Far North Queensland there for we have access to an abundance of fresh locally grown tropical fruits - like bananas... and on that note, did you know that the lime juice we use to dip the banana in is from limes grown in our very own lime orchard? We have over 500 lime trees that produce tones and tones of limes each year that we send to market. We retain a small amount of limes to use for Tropical Harvest.

 Banana makes for the perfect healthy snack for the kids lunch boxes or at the office desk. Also a great size to use in cooking. Keep an eye out for more ways to use dried banana.