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Supporting our Aussie Farmers



Did you know that there is zero waste in producing our Dried Fruit?

 For starters, we source fruit that is surplus to market needs or doesn't meet the supermarket giants specifications. This perfectly fine and great quality fruit gets dumped and our farmers don't get paid what they should for it - Yep it happens. 

So us being able to purchase this fruit and turn it into delicious Dried fruit is a win win all round.  

Tropical Harvest is also doing their bit to put back into the environment…

 It takes approximately 15- 20kg of fresh Mango to produce 1kg of dried Mango. You're probably thinking that's a lot of Mango, yep it is! and whilst the season is in full swing we are currently processing A FEW HUNDRED KILOS of Fresh fruit a day.This creates a lot of waste - Mango skins and seeds. So, we have teamed up with our neighbors at Stockade Farm, they supply the Atherton Tablelands and surrounds with Eggs from their pasture raised Chickens. Stockade Farm will now be taking all of our fruit scraps (not just Mango) to utilise within their Humisoil Project. Never herd of humisoil?

 HumiSoil is a humus rich soil enhancer. lts a complex mixture of organic substances broken down from decaying plant and animal matter.. Living micro-organisms aid in this fermentation process. Humus is important for supporting strong soil health and structure. It increases the ability for soil to hold and release water and nutrients as needed. Humisoil stops the use of synthetic fertilizer's while still improving the plants and soil quality. 

 To sum it up simply - our waste will be turned into healthy soil and go back into the ground so new plants and produce can grow. We are so glad we can not only purchase fresh fruit from our local farmers but now we can continue to help them out by giving back to them and supporting their projects. None of this is possible without YOU our loyal customers.


To purchase our Australian Dried Mango or any of our other 

delicious Dried Fruits click the link below.