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Why Tropical Harvest?

By choosing from the Tropical Harvest natural dried fruit collection, you are not just selecting delicious, healthy, sulphur free dried fruit for you and your family...


  • 100% Australian owned. 100% Australian grown. 100% Australian operated. Buying directly from TropicalHarvestQLD.com.au means that you are supporting Australian industry.
  • Over 10 years experience - we are a family owned and operated business who have started from scratch after many years growing our own tropical fruit in North Queensland. We know exactly when the fruit is ready to be dried for the best flavour and taste.
  • Processed by hand - we're very traditional in our processes because we believe it allows us to maintain the high quality of our great tasting dried fruit that has been enjoyed by thousands of customers over the years.
  • Locally sourced fruit - Tropical Harvest QLD is located on the edge of the Tropical North Queensland World Heritage Site and the vast majority of our fruit is sourced within a couple of hours drive. We want to cut down on the carbon footprint of our product to help protect the beautiful environment we live and work in.
  • All natural dried fruit - we are 100% sulphur free, preservative free and additive free! We believe that our fruit tastes great without adding potentially harmful chemicals and additives. We are simply dehydrating the fruit for your convenience and enjoyment!
  • Healthy choice - cut out the chocolates, chips and candies! These are full of processed sugars and chemicals that don't benefit your body. If you are serious about a weight-loss program or adopting a clean diet for healthy living, let the delicious natural taste of Tropical Harvest dried fruit take care of your sweet tooth cravings!
  • Maximum nutrients and vitamins - unlike other dried fruit processors who bake or fry their product to make it visibly appealing and speed up the process, we take the time to dry our fruit in a low heat which allows us to retain almost all of the vitmains, minerals, colour and flavour of the natural fruit.
  • Greater Choice - no other Australian owned dried fruit supplier can claim to offer such a wide range of sulphur free, hand processed dried fruit. You don't need to buy from three or four suppliers - we have over 10 different fruits!
  • Unique Products - we have experimented with various techniques and fruits over the years to be able to offer such a wide variety of delicious chemical-free dried fruit products that aren't available elsewhere.
  • Food Safety Guarantee - we operate under an independently audited HACCP food license, so you can be assured of the standards our product is processed in. We can track the fruit in each packet back to the farm where it was grown, including the date when the fruit arrived at Tropical Harvest and when it was processed, packed and delivered! When we say we offer sustainable dried fruit, we want you to know that we mean it.

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